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Julie Chen movies Julie Chen says that if she were to receive a lifetiem supply of fancy shoes and undergarments, she would happily pose nude for Playboy. Julie Chen was out for a Bucky's run with her bodyguard and wee tyke, and according to People: Julie Chen claims that a song on her new album is about masturbation. But, like, you pretty much just described our ideal woman right there. Maybe she meant stuck pig?

Sure, we've seen her bazooms a million times before, but we're never one to look a gift nip in the mouth. One of the reasons behind the reported ousting are Star's frequent on- and off-screen clashes with co-host Joy Behar. The couple were spotted kissing while dining at Los Angeles restaurant La Dolce Vita recently, where they shared an ice- Julie Chen and looked like a couple in love. It goes over your body like so and is made of pretty stuff that makes girls look nice. Now I'm ready to go nude. The National Enquirer claims that ABC executives are secretly interviewing replacements for the sucked-and-tucked beard.

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Little do people realize, Julie Chen is 5'8" and weighs in at 120 pounds. Julie Chen once lived with Rafe Urquhart for 4 years. Julie Chen started her work in modeling. Want to find Julie Chen Snap Shots? Julie Chen's mansion already has 50 rooms. Julie Chen acquired $190,181,551 last year.

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Little-Known H ard On Pool Floors
CBS News;- May 2, . related deaths. The Early Show Tuesday, Baker told co-anchor Julie Chen about the day Graeme, as they called her, died. quot;I jumped .

Beltway Humor
FAIR;- May 1, . on TV telling jokes about President Bush, but last night it was the president 39;s turn to tell jokes about the president, quot; CBS anchor Julie Chen explained The .

39;True Miracle 39; Saves Driver 39;s Life
CBS News;- 27, . interview with The Early Show this morning. And she told co-anchor Julie Chen she has no memory of those terrifying moments on the road. .

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CBS News;- 28, . of a brilliant 11-year-old girl who has a gift for words, in quot;Akeelah and the Bee. quot; Fishburne visited The Early Show and told co-anchor Julie Chen that working .